What type of shelving do I need? (2024)

Space is a problem many industries face, therefore utilisation and making the best use of floor areas is essential. A shelving system can be considered your best option for utilising your space to maximum capacity; not only will it provide a place to organise and arrange stock or materials, but it can also save you a lot of valuable floor space.

Providing sufficient shelving can provide clear organisation, which can boost employee morale and productivity, and lead to a smooth-running business. The key to a successful running operation is storing items in appropriate locations, from paperwork and books to heavy industrial products, there are many different types of shelving available to suit your needs. Here atCracking Racking, we have put together a guide so you can find the right kind of shelving for you.

All the shelves mentioned here are equally important and have their own beneficial characteristic features, it’s now just about finding the right type of shelving to suit your industry and the stock you wish to store.

Metal Shelving

What type of shelving do I need? (1)What type of shelving do I need? (2)

Industrial metal shelving is one of the strongest and sturdiest types of space-saving shelving you can get for a warehouse environment. Metal shelving is generally free-standing meaning it can be designed within a rack system or incorporated into a display system.

Metal shelving is durable to a lot of wear and tear, from knocks or bumps from forklifts and order pickers to withstanding temperature extremes, metal shelving remains fully intact. It provides easy product visualisation as items are easily accessible. Damaged goods can be readily identifiable, misplaced products can be highlighted and dented boxes can be quickly replaced; improving the speed of inventory. You can also arrange your boxes so they are easily accessible to order pickers.

Overall, metal shelving is the most durable and versatile type of shelving. They are widely used by many offices and other industrial companies. They can effortlessly stock heavy-duty products and have more storage capacity than any other type of shelves.

Top tip: Always check the quality of the metal, the finish, the weight capacity, and storage capacity, to ensure the shelving meets your needs.

Multi-Level Shelving

What type of shelving do I need? (3)Multi-level shelving enables you to maximise the use of your vertical space whilst reducing your storage footprint. Shelving can be multi-tiered with integral walkways, beneficial as you can increase your storage capacity without the need to relocate or extend.

Multi-level shelving should be used in industries where the storage or archiving of many articles is required. This type of storage is generally a raised platform rack or shelf-mounted structure that is independent of the surrounding building.

Multi-level shelving is engineered to maximise picking operations, so it is, therefore, best suited to business with a high volume of stock-keeping units. They can greatly improve the picking efficiency of your warehouse operation as all products are easily accessible. There are a number of additional levels and accessories you can incorporate into the shelving unit.

Open Units

What type of shelving do I need? (4)Open unit shelving can be used for many purposes, but are particularly suited to offices or warehouse operations. They provide an open, easily accessible facility to organise the workspace in an efficient manner. This makes finding and retrieving things easy for employees, which in turn improves daily tasks. Open units are best suited to products in your warehouse with especially high volume, like new tech devices or seasonal items, as open unit shelving is designed to aid restocking and retrieval.

Open units are more economical and offer greater accessibility than closed-type of shelving. They maintain stability with the use of back and side braces. The addition of back braces can eliminate any lateral sway as they fasten to the flanges of offset angle posts. Side braces can eliminate front to back sway. They fasten to the flanges of the front and rear posts, so you can depend on a solid shelving unit.

Open units are not restricted to commercial or industrial settings, they make a great addition to domestic environments such as home garages for storing tools.

Closed Units

What type of shelving do I need? (5)Closed units use panels that enclose the backs and sides of the shelving unit, this provides greater stability. They provide more protection for stored items than open units do. People tend to opt for closed units if they’re looking for a cleaner, finished look.

Closed units can be combined with other options, including doors to create a lockable cabinet. When storing sensitive items like food and other perishables, closed unit shelving can prevent hazards like open-air contamination from dust particles and temperature alterations. They also make great office additions as they can be customised to match the surrounding area. Perfect for the office or commercial environments where files and paperwork need to be stored.

Whether you need open or closed shelving will is based on your application. Where protective storage and a more finished look are desired, closed-type shelving is desirable. In instances where more accessibility and more economical shelving is the priority, consider open-type shelving.

Bin Units

What type of shelving do I need? (6)Container or bin units make the order picking process in commercial stockrooms, factories, and warehouses are much simpler.

Bin units are open-fronted storage solutions for picking bins. Picking bins can store small production materials such as screws in a safe and easily accessible space. You can find permanently installed, mobile or wall-mounted shelving units, as well as shelving for storingopen-fronted storage bins. These offer not only a clearly structured way to sort small and very small parts but can be easily removed or refilled due to the practical recessed bin handles.

At Cracking Racking, you’ll find a comprehensive selection ofsmall parts storage solutionsfor a range of different environments. You will find that our small storage drawers are ideal for use in domestic settings such as your shed, garage, or workshop, keeping your space free from clutter and all of those fiddly smaller components neatly compartmentalised.

Boltless Shelving

What type of shelving do I need? (7)Easy assembly and stability.

Boltless shelving, sometimes known as Rivet shelving is a shelving solution for a whole host of storage purposes. Whether it’s retail, industrial or wholesale, boltless shelving makes an ideal heavy duty shelving option, providing you do not exceed the capacity limit.

Whether your operation is temporary or you’re looking for a quick stopgap solution, boltless shelving is ideal when you need a light-duty option. This versatile shelving has a long life span and there are two different types to choose from;

Regular rivet shelving:regular sturdy shelving with no special features.

Long span rivet shelving: similar to regular rivet shelving but boasts a longer lifespan and stronger weight capacity.

Boltless shelving is easy to assemble and doesn’t require any heavy-duty tools, meaning it makes a convenient choice as it can be used straight from purchase. It’s extremely versatile, sturdy and can be readjusted to suit the required sizes.

Long span shelving

Longspan shelving, also known as wide-span shelving or long-span racking, is the best storage solution for heavy, long or awkward items such as steel, timber or chipboard, that are loaded by hand. It provides long, uninterrupted bays between frames so you can lay long items easily.

Longspan shelving is ideal for a range of workplaces; including commercial, industrial and retail industries. Our wide span shelving uses boltless assembly principles, which makes it both easy to erect and simple to reconfigure.

These tough yet functional units are a highly economical solution that offers versatility and adaptability. You can even add extension bays to existing shelving to create long-span shelving:

What type of shelving do I need? (8)

Low profile shelving

Low profile shelving can effectively and efficiently store items with minimal use of space. This multipurpose shelving can be used for a whole host of applications, and its ability to merge well with mobile and mezzanine systems is what makes it a popular versatile choice.

Z beam shelving

If you want to combine the benefits of longspan and low profile shelving then Z beam is a great solution. These units form a system that’s capable of handing your high capacity loads with a low-profile beam. These are great in backroom areas where space is the main concern.

Making a decision

Here atCracking Racking, we specialise in shelving and racking solutions, that’s why you’ll find a comprehensive selection ofshelving systems, as well asused shelvingandused long-span shelving, that are the perfect fit for a range of businesses; from small, independent retailers to large-scale warehouses, our racking is reliable, extremely sturdy and fabricated by our in-house team to your specifications.

Used shelving doesn’t mean you have to settle for low quality, our used shelving here atCracking Rackingis totally reliable and durable for all of your warehouse needs. Our used shelving is available in various sizes and is ready for use in your workplace. No matter what your shelving needs, you can rely on a high-quality product that has been fully inspected before resale.

To ensure the safe and easy-to-browse display of your products, our industrial shelves are available in a variety of dimensions and finishes for whatever items you wish to store. Be that heavy automotive parts and bulky boxes to archiving storage options, you’ll find everything from double-sided shelving bays to basket dividers.

The Cracking Racking companyhas over 5000 bays of quality used shelving in stock. We supply many different businesses ranging from small shops and car parts garages to large wholesale warehouses.

Where order picking is essential, we have an expert fabrication team who can fabricate the used shelving to whatever suits the customer’s needs. Choose from major leading brands such as Link 51, Dexion, and more.

Please contact our sales team if you need any assistance on0161 330 1164or email us atinfo@crackingracking.com.

What type of shelving do I need? (2024)
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